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A. Resolution and queries on the final account or any other matters shall be submitted to the executive committee in writing at least five (5) days before the general body meeting.

B. Any matters arising out of the discussion in the general body meeting shall be resolved by tabling a motion then and there accordingly.

C. Any matters not unanimously agreed upon, except amendments to the constitution shall be decided by a simple majority of vote of the members present. In case of a tie the president shall have a casting vote.

D. Election to the executive committee shall be by secret ballot whereas other voting by show of hands.

E. In case the president and vice-president are absent for a meeting the members present shall elect a chair person from among those present to conduct the meeting.

F. The business of the meeting shall be conducted in accordance with agenda however, if required by the majority of members present the order of agenda may be changed.

G. 1) The election of the executive committee shall be held at the annual general body meeting which is held before January 31st of each fiscal year.

    2) All the eligible members of the association shall be given at least two (2) weeks prior notice advising them of the name, location, and date and time of the election.

    3) An election officer shall be nominated by the executive committee from the general members for conducting the election. The secretary of the association shall provide the election officer with the latest copy of the voters list.

    4) The nominations to the executive committee shall be submitted on the prescribed form duly proposed and seconded by members eligible to vote, with the consent of the nominee. One member shall not be nominated for more than one position of the executive committee. The nomination shall be filled with the election officer before seven (7) days of the election and shall allow a period of two (2) days for withdrawal.

    5) Any person shall qualify to be nominee for an executive committee position, if he/she is a full member of the association for at least six months (6) prior to the election.

    6) If the election officer has approved the nomination of a nominee, the nominee shall be allowed to contest in the election even though the nominee is not physically present at the time of election, provided the nominee has informed the election officer for his/her absence during the election.

    7) The election shall be held by acclamation if unanimous or by secret ballot if contested.

    8) In the absence of the election officer a person from the floor shall be nominated as the acting election officer to conduct the election.

    9) If two (2) or more persons tie for one position the winner shall be chosen by drawing a lot. If any of the positions of the executive committee is not filled, the newly elected executive committee shall have the rights to fill those positions.



A. If a executive committee member(s) is /are found misappropriating the associations funds, misconduct, misusing the position or deliberately violating the constitution, upon the recommendation of the executive committee for the immediate disciplinary action the general body shall take any of the following action depending upon the degree of his/her/their misconduct:

    1. Disqualify the member(s) from becoming an office bearer of the association for a period of three (3) years.

    2. Suspend or expel the member(s) from the association for a specific period.

    3. Take appropriate legal action.

B. All matters not unanimously agreed upon in the executive committee, shall be decide by a vote. In case of a tie the president shall have a casting vote.

C. The executive committee shall have the power to frame additional internal regulations when necessary provided they do not contravene the provisions of the constitution and existing internal regulations. However, additions to the internal regulations shall be by the unanimous decision of the executive committee, which shall be ratified by a simple majority in the next annual general body meeting.

D. All matters discussed in the executive committee shall be treated as strictly confidential. The secretary shall be the only person authorized to announce decisions if necessary to members. Any executive committee member violating the confidentiality of the executive committee or making public criticism about the executive committee shall be removed from the committee forthwith a two third (2/3) majority decision of the executive committee.


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